Status:  rare resident?

Flights:  1, Jun-Sep?

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  no recent records or known sites

Habitats:  varied - woodlands, brushlands, grasslands

Host plants:  grasses: fescue, brome, bluegrass

Adult foodnectars at mints, milkweeds, dogbanes, composites; also puddles

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   part of a complex of several species

  2.   named H. comma by some authorities

  3.   extremely variable, many geographic forms; HW basal spots below may form a “C”


Western branded skipper

Hesperia colorado dodgei

Life history facts

egg: fem. scatters eggs on or near host plant

larva:  eats leaves, lives in nests of tied leaves; overwinters as first instar in egg


adult:  males hilltop or perch near host plant for receptive fems.

Yuba pass Nevada Co.