Status:    uncommon resident

Flights:  1+, Jan-Dec

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  widespread; Pacific Grove, Chalone Pks., Garland Ranch, Bottcher’s Gap, Old Stage Rd., Bradley

Habitats:  weedy vacant lots, gardens, chaparral, open valleys and woodland

Host plants:  mallows, incl. checkerbloom, globe mallow; occ. thistles

Adult foodflower nectar - sages, milkweeds

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   pre-1971, lumped with V. carye, a SA species

  2.   rare aberrant forms occur, as in other ladies

  3.   numbers vary dramatically year to year

  4.   no massive migration as in PALA, but seasonal altitudinal movements in mountains

  5.   may travel eastward from coast in late summer

  6.   FW apex squared off, complete black bar crosses FW cell; blue-centered orange costal subapical bar, separated submarginal spots on HW above


West coast lady

Vanessa annabella

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on upperside of host plant leaves

larva: eats leaves, lives in silken nest


adult:  hibernates; perches to watch for females

old stage rd