Status:  uncommon resident

Flights:  2-3, Mar-Dec

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  mostly urban and coastal areas; Pacific Grove, Soberanes Creek, Old Coast Rd., Old Stage Rd., Big Creek

Habitats:  shady gardens, woodland trails, openings, lowland cyns.; often near water

Host plants:  grasses

Adult foodnectars at thistle, etc.

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   recent (20th century) invasion northward from SoCal

  2.   males engage in rapid chases

  3.   female has larger, whiter spots on FW above


Umber skipper

Poanes melane

Life history facts


larva:  feeds on leaves, lives in shelter of rolled or tied leaves; hibernates as partial-grown

pupa:  forms in larval shelter, which is reinforced with waxy material

adult:  males perch in grassy areas to wait for receptive fems.

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