Status:  uncommon resident

Flights:  1, Feb-May

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  a few sites in Santa Lucias; Arroyo Seco, Big Creek, Soberanes Creek; also possibly in Gabilan Range - reported from Pinnacles NM in San Benito Co.

Habitats:  sunny, open, or lightly forested flats and slopes, often in canyons

Host plants: dudleyas like rock lettuce and related stonecrops

Adult foodnone reported

Conservation: threatened; rare or local throughout range or found locally


  1.   rests with wings partially open

  2.   local and colonial

  3.   weak flight

  4.   male has orange patches only on FW, neon blue in flight; fem. has red-orange patches on FW and HW, darker toward margin


Sonoran blue Philotes sonorensis

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on leaves

larva: bore into fleshy leaves

pupa:  hibernate under stones, on ground in trash

adult:  males patrol narrow cyn bottoms, rocky slopes near host plants for females

female near Memorial Park