Status:  common resident

Flights:  1, Apr-Jul

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  widespread in foothills and mountains, avoids civilization

Habitats:  forest edges, clearings, often streamcourses or N-facing slopes

Host plants:  perennial grasses

Adult foodnectars at CA buckeye, coyote mint, dogbane

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   aka the Farmer

  2.   O. a. agricola in MCO

  3.   separated seasonally from Woodland skipper

  4.   flies in and out of sunny areas, does not avoid shade

  5.   male HW orange below, fem. orange-brown to purplish, PM band larger yellow spots; male FW stigma has gray in center


Rural skipper

Ochlodes agricola

Life history facts




adult:  males perch at edge of clearings to await fems.; court and mate near CA buckeye

nectaring on buckwheat