Status:  common resident

Flights:  1, Mar-Jul

Distribution/known sites in Monterey Countythroughout Santa Lucias; few records in e. county

Habitats:  OW openings, slopes, ridges, chaparral

Host plants:  variety of oaks, incl. Quercus agrifolia

Adult foodnectars at brodeias, vetches, dogbane, yerba santa, buckwheat, etc.

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   male has costal fold containing yellow scent scales

  2.   female has patch of scent scales on 7th abdominal segment

  3.   named after Sextus Propertius, Roman poet

  4.   brown fringes, much gray on FW;HW 2 pale spots UN; clear spots small in male, large in fem; fems. more contrastingly marked than males


Propertius duskywing

Erynnis propertius

Life history facts


larva:  leaf-roller, usu on young foliage near tips; full-grown hibernate


adult:  males perch in openings on sunny hilltops, along stream banks to find fems.

arroyo seco Indians rd. 4-10-07