Status:  locally fairly common resident

Flights:  1, May-Sep

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  E. e. smithii (Smith’s Blue), from coastal s. Fort Ord to s. coastal Monterey County, also inland to Garland Ranch; E. e. arenacola (Marina Blue), from coastal n. Fort Ord to Salinas river mouth; some enigmatic interior records, e.g., Parkfield, (perhaps E. e. tildeni?)

Habitats:  rocky hilltops, sun-exposed ridges and slopes

Host plants: buckwheats (Eriogonum); smithii hosts on E. parvifolium; population in Marina (arenacola) hosts on E. latifolium

Adult foodflower nectar, esp. Eriogonum spp.

Conservation: ssp. smithi is endangered, loss of CA coastal habitat


  1.   may be two (or more) MCO races: E.e. arenacola (Marina blue) and E.e. smithi (Smith’s blue; TL Burns Creek)

  2.   usually stay near host plants

  3.   mid-summer to fall in MCO, later than E. bernardino

  4.   HW submarginal band has unconnected spots, FW marginal black line usually thinner than Bernardino dotted-blue; male blue, fem. brown with indistinct orange aurora


Pacific dotted-blue Euphilotes enoptes

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on flowers or buds

larva: eat flowers and fruits, tended by ants

pupa:  hibernate in leaf litter

adult:  males patrol all day near host plant for females

Smith’s Blue

Rocky Ridge