Status:  common resident

Flights:  2-4, Feb-Nov

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  widespread

Habitats:  disturbed & natural - dry fields, wet meadows, woodland openings, urban areas

Host plants:  native (Cirsium) and introduced thistles

Adult foodstar thistle, buckwheats, asters, yellow composites

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   quite variable, even individuals in same pop.

  2.   often flies with field crescent

  3.   cold season broods have more complete ventral HW patterns

  4.   female has paler (yellow-orange) median band on FW above; reported wet-dry season differences


Mylitta crescent Phyciodes mylitta

Life history facts

egg: deposited on underside of host plant

larva: eats leaves; young may live in small silken nest; partially-grown caterpillars hibernate


adult:  males perch or patrol gullies and streams all day near host plants for females

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