Status:  rare resident

Flights:  1+, Mar-Oct

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  inland, away from the fog belt; Chew’s Ridge, Chalone Pks., Hare Cyn.

Habitats:  canyons, streamsides with mistletoe-covered trees, oak woodland/savanna

Host plants:  mistletoe, esp. on cottonwood, oak, walnut

Adult foodavid flower visitor, incl. goldenrod, Hercules club, shepherd’s needle, sweet pepperbush, wild plum

Conservationnone needed


  1.   moderate hilltopper

  2.   perches with wings closed

  3.   male has iridescent turquoise patch on FW below; female more restricted blue (not purplish) above


Great Purple Hairstreak   Atlides halesus

Life history facts

egg: ?

larva: eats leaves and male flowers

pupa: hibernate at base of host tree or under loose bark

adult:  males await females on trees on hilly summits, flat plains, mostly in the afternoon

n. chalone pk, pinnacles