Status:  fairly common resident

Flights:  1, May-Jun

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  foothills and mountains from mid-county south; Arroyo Seco, Big Creek Reserve, Chew’s Ridge, Bradley area

Habitats:  chaparral, rocky outcrops, coastal scrub

Host plants:  nude and elongate buckwheats

Adult foodnectars at buckwheat flowers

Conservationnone required


  1.   fast flyer

  2.   colonies tied to host plants

  3.   some indivs have shown bilateral gynandomorphism - female characters half of body, male other half

  4.   male above light brown, purplish overlay; female brown with yellow and black spots


Gorgon Copper   Lycaena gorgon

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on host flower stalks, hatch the next spring

larva: eats leaves

pupa: ?

adult:  males perch on low vegetation in gully bottoms, canyons, patrol for females near host plants

courting pair

carmel valley rd