Status:  fairly common resident

Flights:  1, May-Oct

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  Santa Lucia slopes and canyons; upper Tassajara Rd., Pine Ridge trail

Habitats:  dry slopes in chaparral, foothill and lower mountain canyons

Host plants: canyon oak, chinquapin, tan oak

Adult foodvisits moisture sources, possibly aphid honeydew and other exudates, not flowers

Conservationnone needed


  1.   our ssp. H. g. lorquini, Lorquin’s Hairstreak

  2.   often crepuscular, best found perching on food plant

  3.   adults shun flowers, congregate in large numbers on host plant, look like dried leaf

  4.   adults estivate in summer, re-emerge to lay eggs in fall

  5.   food source during estivation unknown

  6.   formerly Boisduval’s hairstreak, canyon oak hairstreak

  7.   sexes similar, male darker


Golden hairstreak Habrodais grunus

Life history facts

egg: laid on twigs of host trees, hibernates thru winter

larva: feed on young leaves


adult:  males active early a.m., late p.m., rest on banks and tree trunks, patrol canopy for females

perched on canyon oak