Status:  rare resident/stray

Flights:  1+, Feb-Nov?

Distribution/known sites in Monterey Countyfew scattered records: Carmel Valley Rd., Arroyo Seco area

Habitats:  prefers hot, dry situations, low elevation; in this area, may occur in agricultural lands

Host plants:  legumes: alfalfa, lotus

Adult foodavid flower visitor

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   named for its sober coloring

  2.   female lighter than male, some buff spots HW above

  3.   FW black, narrow, pointed, w/pale brown patch beyond cell above, white spots weakly expressed; male has metatibial tuft; HW fringes white


Funereal duskywing

Erynnis funeralis

Life history facts

egg: laid singly under host plant leaves

larva:  feed on leaves, rest in shelters of rolled or tied leaves; hibernate


adult:  males perch along dry washes, adjacent flats, fly back and forth

SE arizona