Status:  common resident

Flights:  2, Jan-Sep

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  widespread, especially humid north and west, except urban/farmland situations

Habitats:  woods, clearings, gardens

Host plants: buds, flowers, green seed pods of trees/shrubs, e.g., dogwood, CA buckeye, ceanothus

Adult foodflower nectar of CA buckeye, dogwoods, chinese houses

Conservation: some ssp/spp may be of concern


  1.   flies high around trees, rarely perches with wings open

  2.   one of first non-hibernating butterflies to fly in spring

  3.   variable, many forms/races, prob. many spp

  4.   “ladon” refers to mythical 100-headed dragon

  5.   the many ssp/forms/spp are an example of “sympatric speciation” resulting from fem. specializing, ovipositing on locally prevalent flowers, leading to brood separation among pops.

  6.   male pale bright blue; fem. blue with dark borders, some white scaling (esp. late sp/su)


Echo azure Celastrina ladon echo

Life history facts

egg: laid on flower buds

larva: feed on flowers, fruits; tended by ants

pupa: overwinters

adult:  males patrol and perch all day, most active mid-afternoon until dusk

attracted to body salts