Status:  fairly common (local) resident

Flights:  1+, Mar-Oct?

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  coastal and interior lowlands; Pinnacles Rd., Old Stage Rd., Partington Creek, Big Creek, Parkfield, Hatton Cyn.

Habitats:  open, often disturbed, situations

Host plants:  mallows

Adult foodnectars at variety of flowers, incl. mints, trefoil, white-flowered composites, red clover

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   very similar white checkered-skipper Pyrgus albescens may occur, esp. in s. MCO; cannot be separated in field

  2.   males on patrol chase any moving objects

  3.   adults roost exposed on tall plants in the late PM

  4.   fem. often more blackish, less checkering; male has blue hair basally above


Common checkered-skipper

Pyrgus communis

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on leaf buds, tops of leaves

larva:  live and feed in folded-leaf nest; fully-grown caterpillars hibernate


adult:  males patrol tight territories in swales aggressively, mostly in the PM; mating then takes place

old stage rd