Status:  rare resident

Flights:  2, Mar-Oct?

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County: a few hilltop sites in foothills and mountains: Pine Cyn, Big Creek reserve, Chew’s Ridge

Habitats:  chaparral and OW edges, adj. grasslands, hilltops into other habitats

Host plants:  chaparral bunchgrass (Koeleria)

Adult foodnectars at milkweeds, dogbanes, composites; also puddles

Conservation: habitats susceptible to invasion by alien weeds


  1.   strong hilltopper

  2.   has a preference for, but not restricted to, serpentine soils

  3.   often found w/ sleepy duskywing

  4.   bright orange above, male w/black stigma; abbreviated pattern on HW below, some chevron spots partial/absent


Columbian skipper

Hesperia columbia

Life history facts




adult:  males hilltop for receptive fems.

hilltopping male

chew’s ridge