Status:  rare resident

Flights:  1, Mar-Jun?

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  may be limited to n. coastal fog belt; Marina dunes 

Habitats:  coastal scrub on rocky hills and dunes

Host plants:  wild buckwheats (coast eriogonum) & deerweed (lotus scoparius)

Adult foodflower nectar

Conservationrange is small, all pop. sites should be preserved


  1.   aka C. perplexa (Bramble hairstreak) and C. viridis (Bluish-green hairstreak)

  2.   may be conspecific with inland bramble hairstreak

  3.   HW below blue-green with strong pattern white spots; fringes white, antennal shaft mainly white below


Coastal bramble hairstreak   Callophrys dumetorum

Life history facts

egg: laid under leaves and on flower buds

larva: eats leaves, flowers, young fruits

pupa: hibernate in debris under host plant

adult:  males perch near host plants all day to watch for females

awaiting photo