Status:  fairly common resident

Flights:  2, Feb-Nov

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  Santa Lucia Range, rare in Gabilans; Carmel Valley Rd., Arroyo Seco, Soberanes Creek, Bottcher’s Gap, China Camp

Habitats:  woodlands and chaparral in foothill and mountain cyns; low-moderate elevations

Host plants:  false indigo, other legumes

Adult foodnectars at variety of flowers, esp. thistles; also fresh horse manure

Conservationnone required


  1.   state CA butterfly, official state insect (CA legislature)

  2.   also called “flying pansy”

  3.   strong flier, difficult to catch except at flowers, foodplants, manure

  4.   perches with wings closed

  5.   2nd brood adults apparently hibernate/overwinter

  6.   forewing tips pointed; females lack black border “dogface”; female form “amorphae” has some brown banding on wing


California dogface   Zerene eurydice

Life history facts

egg: ?

larva: ?

pupa: ?

adult:  males patrol canyons for females

female nectaring on thistle