Status:  common resident

Flights:  1+, Feb-Nov

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  countywide, except Salinas valley ag lands

Habitats:  open country: fields, weedy areas, road edges

Host plants: buckwheats, legumes, esp. lotus, spanish clover

Adult foodflower nectar, males gather at mud

Conservation: none required


  1.   difficult to separate from lupine blue, esp. fem.

  2.   acbl and lubl use different buckwheats

  3.   twitch hindwings as they drink, thus flashing emerald scales in sunlight

  4.   male above blue with dark narrow border, female brown; male lacks black discal spot FW cell (present in lubl)??; narrower black border above and paler blue than lubl


Acmon blue Plebejus acmon

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on leaves or flowers of host plant

larva: feed on leaves, flowers, developing seeds, tended by ants

pupa:  hibernate

adult:  males patrol near host plants for females

on buckwheat in Arroyo Seco