Status:  rare resident

Flights:  1, Mar-Jun

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  only a few known sites in Santa Lucias: Big Creek reserve, Soberanes Creek, Robinson Cyn. Rd., Palo Corona, Arroyo Seco

Habitats:  forest edges, open meadows, hillsides in mtns.

Host plants:  cinquefoils, horkelias

Adult foodflower nectar; males visit puddles

Conservation: secure globally


  1.   flies just above ground near host plant

  2.   subspecies lagunae is endangered

  3.   locally/spottily distributed

  4.   white bands on FW form a loose “X”; HW usu has 2 rows of white spots


Two-banded checkered-skipper

Pyrgus ruralis

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on host plant

larva:  live and feed in webbed leaf nest


adult:  males perch on ground, patrol in valley bottoms for receptive fems.

arroyo seco camp lake