Riodinidae    metalmarks


Some family facts

  1. Bullet  Twenty species occur in North America, only one in Monterey County. 

  2. Bullet  Common family name “metalmark” refers to the bright metallic spots which “mark” the wings of many species. 

  3. Bullet  Between 1,000-1,500 metalmark species occur in the neotropics, where they assume varied shapes/color patterns and mimic other butterflies. 


  1. vary in shape, often round, flattened


  1. hairy and plump

  2. common overwintering stage



  1. hairy

  2. attached with silk to host plant, ground debris, leaf litter

Adult characteristics:   

  1. reduced forelegs in males,

  2. full-sized, functional in females

  3. male foreleg has coxa, 1st segment extension beyond                         2nd segment joint

  4. hindwing has unique venation

  5. many perch on underside of leaves, wings open and flat

  6. longer antennae than lycaenids

Adult behaviors:

  1. weak flight style


Riodinids in Monterey County:

  mormon metalmark  Apodemia m. mormo


mormon metalmark in Arroyo Seco Cyn.