Status:  uncommon resident

Flights:  1, May-Jul

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  high elevation sites in Los Padres NF: Chew’s Ridge, Bottcher’s Gap, Big Creek reserve

Habitats:  chaparral, mixed conifers, pine-oak woods

Host plants:  ceanothus spp: wild lilac

Adult foodflower nectar, vetches, dogbane, mints; avid puddler

Conservation: not usually required


  1.   dark-fringed along Pacific coast, west pops. less contrast above

  2.   our ssp is artful duskywing E. p. callidus (lacks hyaline spots?)

  3.   like other duskywings, species’ distribution has large gaps/questionable areas; older records unreliable, adding to uncertainty of range

  4.   less contrasting wing pattern than Persius duskywing; also large white apical FW spots, tibial brush on male’s hindleg, HW less distinct pale spots


Pacuvius duskywing

Erynnis pacuvius

Life history facts


larva:  overwinter


adult:  males perch on hilltops, along ridges to await fems., sometimes patrol when high density of males

chew's ridge