Status:  rare and local resident

Flights:  1, Mar-Jul?

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  apparently limited to stands of Sargent’s Cypress in Santa Lucias, possibly inland CA Juniper in Gabilans; one recent report 7 mi. NE of Parkfield

Habitats:  Sargent’s cypress groves on serpentine rock outcrops

Host plants:  Sargent’s cypress; also possibly CA juniper and incense cedar

Adult foodceanothus (wild lilac) flowers

Conservationthreatened; very rare or local throughout range


  1.   classified to C. gryneus muiri by some authorities

  2.   population Mt. Diablo to MCO feeds on CA juniper

  3.   male above dark brown with dark orange patches on lower outer edges of wings; female tawny with dark margins


Muir’s hairstreak Callophrys muiri

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on tips of host plant leaves

larva: feed on tips of host plant leaves

pupa: hibernate

adult:  males perch on host trees all day seeking females

awaiting photo