Status:  rare resident

Flights:  1, Mar-Jun

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  apparently limited to coastal canyons; Partington Creek, Big Creek, Big Sur River mouth

Habitats:  mossy hillsides, canyon walls, ridges

Host plants:  stonecrop (sedum), and dudleyas

Adult foodnectars at mustards, borages, phlox

Conservationnone needed, but San Mateo Co. race San Bruno elfin is critically endangered


  1.   Monterey ssp. Doudoroff’s hairstreak - Big Sur s. along coastal cliffs

  2.   flies erratically, close to ground, near host plant

  3.   often inconspicuous, sits tight

  4.   variable; male brown to gray above, small buffy patch on HW tornus; female orange-brown, dark borders


Moss’ elfin Callophrys mossii

Life history facts

egg: laid singly on underside of host plant leaves

larva: young feed on leaves, older on flowers and fruit

pupa: hibernate

adult:  males perch on shrubs or tops of cliffs to watch for females; females stay higher up the cliffs


Partington creek