Status:    rare, sporadic resident/migrant?

Flights:  1 (overwintering) Feb-Apr, next brood migrates east May-Jun

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  not known; no recent records

Habitats:  moist woodland openings, low elev watercourses along coast?

Host plants:  nettles

Adult foodnectars at thistles, goldenrods; probably sap and rotting fruit

Conservation: not needed


  1.   local, altitudinal movements not well known

  2.   occasionally migrates south to soCal

  3.   found away from breeding habitats

  4.   hibernates low elev sites, more likely inland valleys than coast

  5.   summer brood returns Sep-Oct from e. Sierra

  6.   sexes similar


Milbert’s tortoiseshell Nymphalis milberti

Life history facts

egg: laid in large batches of up to 900 on underside of host plant leaves

larva: feeds together when young in a web; when older, feed alone and make shelters of folded leaves tied with silk


adult:  hibernates, sometimes in small groups

awaiting photo