Status:  uncommon resident

Flights:  1, Apr-Jun

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  multiple sites in SE county:  Parkfield/Coalinga Rd., Mustang Ridge summit

Habitats:  foothill grasslands, esp. serpentine

Host plants:  perennial bunchgrasses - fescue, oatgrass

Adult foodnectars at thistles, sunflowers, milkweeds

Conservation: threatened throughout its range


  1.   not a hilltopper

  2.   formerly ssp. of branded skipper

  3.   often found flying low to ground in serpentine grasslands

  4.   fem. duller, light spots more extensive; male HW chevron cream-colored


Lindsey’s skipper

Hesperia lindseyi

Life history facts

egg:  laid singly on tree trunks, lichen, broadleaf plants, or lupine; overwinters

larva:  emerges in spring, must find host grasses, feeds on leaves, makes leaf shelter tied with silk


adult:  males patrol all day above grass, sometimes perch, for receptive fems.