Butterflies of Monterey County

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These pages summarize status and distribution, habitat requirements, and life history information for butterfly species that occur in Monterey County, California.  Historically, about 100 species have been reported, although recent fieldwork documents only about 90 species . . the exact number varies as lepidopterists debate taxonomic uncertainties. 

A small photo gallery is provided for most species - however, this is a  “work in progress.”  Over the past few years I’ve been unable to locate or photograph several species on the county species list, compiled from current and historical sources1.  Some species, like the Melissa Blue, may now be extirpated; others, like the Arrowhead Blue or Milbert’s Tortoiseshell, may be rareties or occasional strays awaiting re-discovery.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken in Monterey County.

I also include species’ range maps compiled from my own countywide surveys, Dave Styer’s Palo Corona and Fort Ord surveys, Paul Johnson’s records from Pinnacles NM, and UC (Big Creek/Hastings) archives. 


Butterflies of Monterey County

  1. -Chris Tenney

  March 21, 2010

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