Status:  fairly common resident

Flights:  1, late Mar-Jun

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  widespread in foothills and mountains; Old Stage Rd., Arroyo Seco, Chew’s Ridge, Fremont Pk., Chalone Pks., Big Creek Reserve, Robinson Cyn. Rd.

Habitats:  coastal dunes, chaparral, oak woodlands, low canyons, washes

Host plants: beach aster, other asters, Haplopappus

Adult foodnectars at flowers

Conservation: threatened throughout its range


  1.   local, restricted range

  2.   fem. lighter than male, with more contrasting checkered pattern


Gabb’s checkerspot Chlosyne gabbii

Life history facts

egg: laid on underside of host plant leaves

larva: feeds on leaves; gregarious when young; 3rd stage hibernation



upper Carmel Valley Rd.