Chew’s Ridge Site Monitoring 




n. ridge

Speyeria adiaste clemencei 2011 transect totals

Chew’s Ridge colony

I conducted weekly standardized surveys of Clemence’s unsilvered fritillary at the Chew’s Ridge colony site from early June to late August, 2011. 

Three 2km transect routes were walked once weekly at a steady pace, using modified “Pollard Walk” protocol.  I counted all clemencei that could be identified with confidence in front or to either side of my walking direction, out to a distance of about 20m.  I departed from the route only to confirm ID.

Nearly all individuals counted at the lookout and along the north ridge were hilltopping or patrolling males.  No females were counted until the 4th week (7/4), usually searching Viola patches in meadows for potential oviposition sites.  Males also concentrated in these areas, patrolling and courting females. 

Extrapolating from the area sampled across the total known or suspected habitat, a crude estimate of the 2011 Chew’s Ridge colony size was obtained: 300-500 adults