Status:  fairly common resident

Flights:  1, Apr-Jul

Distribution/known sites in Monterey County:  Santa Lucias and Gabilans, foothills and uplands; Arroyo Seco, Carmel Valley, Gloria Rd., Chalone Pks., Bottcher’s Gap

Habitats:  foothill chaparral, oak woodland, scrub

Host plants: Quercus, Ceanothus, possibly Cercocarpus

Adult foodnectar from flowers of wild buckwheat, milkweed, sulphur flower, dogbane, and others

Conservation: valley oak pop. in CA central valley is threatened due to habitat loss


  1.   adults perch on larval food plants

  2.   each hindwing has one long/one short tail


California hairstreak Satyrium californica

Life history facts

egg: laid in bark crevices, glued together in groups of 2-4, hibernate until spring

larva: feed on leaves


adult:  males perch on treetops, sometimes patrol for females

nectaring on buckwheat